Bursa Uludag Ski Resort

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The historic city is located to the southwest of Bursa. A ski resort built on Fatintepe and Kusagiaya hills. The 11.338 hectare national park is also located in this ski resort. It is close to Bursa city center.

First declared as a national park in 1961, the city center is 36km away. Its quality and modernity is more popular than other ski resorts. Antalya and Bodrum is Turkey’s trending Summer locations, the trend continues in the winter seasons at Uludag therefore it is the center of winter tourism in Turkey.

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It has quite modern holiday villages. An ideal ski resort for day trips and excursions. Entertainment facilities such as dance centers are available. Private businesses also offer rental ski equipment and private ski lessons.

As a result of the Alpine and North discipline, Uludag Ski Center is a ski resort suitable for skiing and skiing activities.

There are many species of flowers and trees growing in Uludag.

Uludag Ski Resort is a paradise built in a magnificent environment covered with forests.

Uludag, which is considered to be the most spectacular of the Olympos mountains in Anatolia, welcomes its visitors both in summer and winter. Uludag, where every shade of green has started to appear in March, reaches its peak in the summer and enters the appearance of a flower garden.

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The lowest altitude is 1750 meters, the highest altitude is 2435 meters and the summit is exactly 2543 Meters. The summit of the hotel is 2000 meters. Uludag Ski Resort, which has a total of 11 main runways and a terrain which is quite large and is suitable for, skiing in alpine style, snowboarding, cross country and heli skiing styles. The longest runway is 2,000 meters (2 km). Uludag Ski Center consists of 13 Lifts, 7 chairlifts, 6 teleski, 7 T Bar, 24-hour emergency help center and 1 mobile clinic.

The length of the total runways in Uludag Ski Center is 25 Km. Uludag, which has more climatic conditions in the Marmara region, has a location under the influence of winds blowing from south and southwest. Uludag Ski Center where the snow thickness reaches up to 3 meters, it is stated that the most suitable and healthy season for skiing is the beginning of December and mid-April. In Uludag Ski Center, where there are dozens of luxury hotels and dozens of hotels and holiday villages, it is possible to find accommodation facilities that appeal to every sector and every pocket. Uludag Ski Center, which is easy to reach due to the fact that it is close to Bursa city center and airport and is a place that should not be overlooked if you are going on holiday in winter.

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