Izmir Bozdag Ski Resort

Transfers To and From Bozdag Ski Center

It is possible to ski in Izmir just as you can in Antalya. The ski resort located in the Odemis district of Izmir is named after Bozdag in the Bozdag Village. Bozdag Ski Center has constant rainfall in winter. Please note that skiing is possible from December to March and is not available during the summer months. In the center where the Mediterranean climate takes effect, the snow thickness varies between 80 cm and 120 cm.

Izmir Bozdag Weather Forecast

There are 2 ski lifts in Bozdag Ski Center where the ski areas are between 1528 m and 2157 m. One of them is 650 m out, the chairlift has an output capacity of 1549 m and a capacity of 1000 people per hour.

Bozdag Ski Center has accommodation available. There is a serious difference between weekday and weekend hotel rates, as well as rooms for 2, 6 people and suites. The price of the room for 2 persons per week is 180 TL, on the weekend these prices change between 260 TL and TL 570 TL. The suites are available for 270 TL on weekdays and 370 TL for the weekend. However, during the semester, weekends prices are valid during the week. 0-5 age group children are free of charge and 6-12 age group can benefit from the facility with 50% discount rate.

If you are going to Bozdag Ski Center, you should definitely get information about the current snow status. Outside the winter season, Bozdag Ski Center is favored destination by many tourists, mountain hiking and camping are some activities that you can partake. There is also a rooftop bar with live music at weekends.

You can reach Bozdag Ski Center with KayakTransfer.com from Izmir. When Torbali route is used, it is approximately 150 km distance and the distance of 130 km from Salihli route, the roads of the center after Bozdag Village are not very good. However, the roads are not a problem when traveling with KayakTransfer.com. We provide you a comfortable and reliable access to Bozdag Ski Center from all points of Izmir and the surrounding region.