Cankiri Ilgaz Ski Resort

Transfers To and From Ilgaz Ski Center

The Ilgaz Ski Center, located on the Ilgaz mountain range, is named after the Ilgaz National Park. The summit is located at an altitude of 2850 m and the Ilgaz Ski Center opens its winter sports season in December and closes in April. However, thanks to its natural beauty and the surrounding vegetation, it is considered to be one of the places that can be visited in all seasons. During winter season, snow thickness varies between 50 and 200 cm. The ski slopes average between 1800 and 2000m.

Cankiri Ilgaz Weather Forecast

Ilgaz ski center has two tracks. Night skiing can be done in one of the runways. There is also a double chair lift facility and a teleski facility in Ilgaz Ski Center. Ilgaz ski center has two hotels. There are also a few more hotels in the vicinity, the closest of which is 3 km away. Apart from these, 5 state guest houses serve in Ilgaz Ski Center. The facilities have healthcare services, ski equipment equipment rentals as well as ski lessons from the experts.

Ilgaz Ski Center is on the border of Kastamonu and Çankırı provinces. 210 km to Ankara, 460 km to Istanbul and 40 km to Kastamonu.

To summarize, Ilgaz Ski center attracts more people from the surrounding regions. Many people prefer Ilgaz ski center due to its inexpensive accommodations. The biggest plus is the awesome nature that it offers you while skiing. Covered with dense pine forests, is truly surrounded with a fascinating view. The downside is that the track is insufficient for professionals skiers. Ilgaz Ski Center is sufficient for the beginner level skiers. You can get transfer services to Ilgaz Ski Center from Ankara and Çankırı areas in a safe and convenient way with

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