Antalya Saklikent Ski Resort

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Saklikent mountain houses located in Bakirlidag, on the Taurus mountain ranges makes it possible to ski in Antalya. The center has made a name for its self globaly due to it being the closest ski center to the equator. The center has the potential to host winter sports as well as in the summer season. The average number of sunny days is 75. The average thickness of snow varies between 100-200 cm. At times snow thickness can reach up to 5 meters. It is also possible to ski between December and April.

Antalya Saklikent Weather Forecast

Everything on behalf of the accommodation is in detail here. Ski equipment can also be purchased. There are also restaurants, cafes and conference rooms. The center as a bed capacity of 250. A jacuzzi, sauna, disco, and various activities are present as well as Hot water and shower facilities.

This is a ski resort over the forest border. That's why everyone from beginner skiers to professional people can ski here. There are 1 chairlift, 2 teleski, 1 baby lift and 1 snowtubing lift in the center. There is a total of 5 runways. The chairlift is 1400 m long and has a capacity of 800 people/hour. One of the teleskies has a carrying capacity of 645 m and 400 people/hour; the other is 950 m long and 400 people/hour carrying capacity. Snowtubing lift is 350 m long with 300 people/hour carrying capacity and lastly, the baby lift is 200 m long and 100 people/hour carrying capacity.

Saklikent Ski Center is 37 km from Antalya. will take you from the surrounding cities conveniently and will bring you to Saklikent Ski Center in a safe and comfortable way.

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