Isparta Davraz Ski Resort

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Davraz Ski Resort; It is located in the province of Isparta and is located on Davraz Mountain which is about 25 km away from the city center. Although the height of Davraz Mountain is 2637m, parts suitable for winter sports are around 1650 meters on average. In scientific and geographical sources, the name of the mountain is called Davras. However, the official name of the ski resort was accepted as Davraz Ski Center.

Isparta Davraz Weather Forecast

Since its completion in 1997, Davraz Ski Center has steadily increased its number of tourists. Almost all of these tourists are local tourists.

February is the best time to ski. In addition, the price is more appropriate than other ski resorts which attracts the attention of tourist. In Uludag, the average daily price is between 120-200 TL. It is possible to stay between 80-120 TL per day in Davraz. You can also find a chance to stay at a much more attractive price if you want to stay around the mountain, and not on the mountainside.

In fact, the most important feature of Davraz Ski Center is its unique view. Davraz Mountain is also perfect for strengthening the lungs due to its rich oxygen levels. In fact, many football teams come and use this unique source of oxygen by camping at Davraz Mountain. You can reach the Davraz Ski Center in a comfortable and reliable way with

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